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Selling PEI Real Estate and Property

What can you do to prepare your PEI home for showing? What small steps can be taken to increase your chances for a quick sale? Efforts to improve the appearance of your PEI home can contribute greatly to its marketing success. Small efforts such as replacing defective light bulbs; repainting damaged trim areas around doors and windows; cleaning the carpets; and adding finishing touches such as fresh flowers can make all the difference. Selling PEI Real Estate

Step 1: Creating a Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan for your PEI home that will help distinguish it in your local marketplace and attract buyers to your PEI property. This may include advertising in the newspaper, posting your PEI real estate listing on the Internet, holding an open house and more. Ron will use the CENTURY 21 Customized Marketing System to create a personalized selling program for clients. Its purpose is to sell PEI homes at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Step 2: Setting the Price (evaluation of PEI real estate)

A key part of the PEI real estate marketing plan is setting the list price. If a home is priced to low, you may lose potential gains. If a home is priced too high, potential buyers may be scared away. To determine the best asking price Ron will review with you the cost of recently sold PEI homes as well as the asking price for PEI homes for sale currently on the market, evaluate the competition and study PEI real estate marketplace trends. Ron will use this information to help you reach the right asking price. It is also helpful to discuss other terms and conditions, such as timing and items that can be included with the sale of the home. Both of these can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Step 3: Showtime

Now it’s time to get your PEI home ready for the spotlight. Start with a good cleaning, then eliminate any clutter, add a fresh coat of paint and tidy up the yard. Ron will be happy to help you determine those jobs that will be most beneficial to the early sale of your home.

Step 4: Protecting Yourself

In some cases, a home sale can also be an invitation for danger. You should ask for identification and pre-approval letters as well as lock up valuables, make sure that pets are controlled when there is a viewing, and remove dangerous items. Remember for sale signs bring in more than buyers so ensure that children don;t answer the door and talk to Ron for additional tips.

Step 5: Making the Deal

A buyer has made an offer – now it is time to negotiate. Rely on Ron to guide you through this process. He will help you arrive at an acceptable price, terms and conditions. Once you have accepted an offer, help keep the deal together by meeting deadlines and criteria, including home inspections, appropriate buyer visits, scheduled deposits and other steps. In fact, during this period there may be a re-negotiation of the accepted offer price depending on the outcomes of these visits. As the closing nears, you may also need to perform repairs or do additional work to the house as agreed upon in your contract. In addition, you will need to have the house “broom clean” prior to the closing so that the buyer can complete a final walk through. When you finally arrive at the closing table, come prepared with the appropriate certificates and approvals. Once the money has exchanged hands and all the papers signed it’s time to hand over the keys and concentrate on your next big project – getting YOUR new PEI home in order.