How you can Retire to PEI and add a $1000 or more per month to your Retirement Income*

PEI is the smallest province in Canada having a population of just under 140,000 full-time residents. This population swells to over a million in the summer as PEI is a popular place to holiday as well as to own a summer home. Many New Englanders, people from the other Canadian Maritime provinces as well as Ontario and even as far away as Alberta and British Columbia come to PEI for the summer. PEI is perhaps best known for the growing of potatoes and the red-haired orphan Anne of Green Gables. Certainly life in PEI is peaceful, the people are friendly and there is a balance to life here that lends itself to retirement. PEI has all the usual amenities of modern life. We have a full range of big-box stores, restaurants, and activities. Summerside and Charlotttetown both have fitness facilities with competition sized pools, hockey rinks and more, as well they have hospitals and other medical facilities and a full range of groups and clubs to suit most interests. The arts are strong on PEI with theatre, concerts, and art galleries. Volunteerism is alive and well on PEI and if you were to retire to PEI you would find abundant opportunities to keep busy and feel good. What about an extra $1000 per month to add to your retirement income? Here are the average house prices for each province in Canada as of Sept 2009 (Canadian Real Estate Association)

British Columbia $474,000
Alberta $347,000
Ontario $327,000
Saskatchewan $233,000
Quebec $230,000
Newfoundland / Labrador $204,000
Manitoba $203,000
Nova Scotia $193,000
New Brunswick $152,000
Prince Edward Island $142,000



Do you notice that PEI has the lowest housing prices in Canada. PEI compares very favourably with most American states as well. Only states such as Wyoming, North Dakota, Kansas, Missourri, Indiana and Mississippi list homes in lower price categories than PEI. Certainly Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada as well as New York, Virginia, the other New England States and Florida all show home pricing more comparable to British Columbia and Alberta. So if you currently own a home in any of the other provinces and many of the US states you could sell your home and move to PEI. You would be able to buy into the PEI real estate market for as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of the value of your previous home and invest the rest. Let’s take this province by province and do the calculations.


British Columbia $332,000 $2150/month for 20 years
Alberta $205,000 $1300/month for 20 years
Ontario $185,000 $1200/month for 20 years
Saskatchewan $91,000 $750/month for 13 yrs
Quebec $88,000 $750/month for 13 yrs
Newfoundland / Labrador $62,000 $500/month for 14 years
Manitoba $61,000 $500/month for 14 years
Nova Scotia $51,000 $500/month for 10 years

**Not sufficient difference for New Brunswick.

Western US homeowners and homeowners in the New England States can expect differences similar to Alberta and BC.